Seventh Semester Reading Assignment

3 Dec

Here is an article for you to read. It is about the difference betweenlife in the university and unviersity classes, and life in the real world. You might find its main message a bit surprising.

Please access this article (A message to my students) by Dr. Maryellen Weimer, PhD, found in Magna Publications: Faculty Focus. Read it and be prepared the first complete week of December (starting December 5) to write in class about it, without referring to the article.

You might be asked to write a summarizing paragraph or an outline during class. You might want to practice these at home before you come into class.


9th Semester Fronting…explained!

19 Nov

Since we came across a confusing part of the fronting, I am sharing this Website so you can understand it better. The confusion during class came up when we started realizing that sometimes there was more inversion than during other times.

The difference is between the stative and the dynamic verbs.

I hope this helps.

1-2 Intensive Writing Project

18 Nov

You now know how to describe a house and how to describe a town or city.  Choose one of the options and write about it. Bring your work printed (impresa) next Tuesday, November 22,2016.

Option 1: Write a promotional brochure for a hotel or a city. You have models in your Sparkle book. Microsoft Office (and other programs) have a format to write a brochure. images(Courtesy of

Include the following information:

  • tourist attractions
  • interesting things to do (in the hotel or in the city)
  • how much it costs
  • write in complete sentences and use the things we learned

Option 2: Your job is a real estate agent and you are selling a house with furniture. Describe the house for a prospective client who lives in another city. house-for-sale-poster-template(Courtesy of

Include the following:

  • how many rooms and the size of the rooms
  • how much the house costs
  • a picture of the house
  • write in complete sentences and use the things we learned

Please bring in your work on a piece of paper. You can follow the guidelines for writing (Times New Roman 12, interlined 2) on this blog. Do not send it by email.

9th Semester Oral Challenge: Guidebook to the great cafes in Morelia

13 Nov

People are always looking for great cafes. We are going to compile an audio guidebook that can help both visitors and locals find the best places to visit and enjoy in Morelia.

You are going to record an audio podcast (with your own voice) using Voicethread. Submit your podcast or talking photo in this post as a comment (found on the bottom of the post. Any audio applications sent personally via email to the teacher will not be opened. Here on the blogpost, they can be accessed by the rest of the class…and the rest of the world!

Take pictures or download them to have a visual reference of the places you will mention in your guidebook. If you are downloading someone else’s picture, please state the name of the person who took the photo and where you found it to avoid plagiarism.

cafe-isis  (photo by Isis Arteaga.

1. Choose the photos you want to talk about and put them in a convenient place on your computer.
2. Register with Voicethread.
3. Upload the photos to Voicethread.
3. Record information about your picture. Include many noun phrases and descriptive devices.
4. Save your Voicethread.
5. Click on the Internet address provided in the Voicethread site and write a comment to this post so we can see your photos and listen to the information in your guidebook extract. You may write: This is Cafe……… by Fulana Mengana. Make sure you write your name.

You will not see your contribution immediately since your comment must go through a moderation process. Please only post it once time.

Click here for a Voicethread tutorial or type Voicethread tutorial into the Google search engine to learn how to use Voicethread, one of the easiest and most innovative recording sites on the Internet. There are tutorials available in English and in Spanish. Voicethread will allow you to upload the three photos that you will include in your guidebook extract.

When you record your guidebook extract, you will have multiple opportunities to record. Follow the instructions on Voicethread in order to upload your guidebook extract

The due date for this activity is Friday, November 18.

Second semester speaking project

12 Nov

For this project, you will create a Voki. A Voki is an online avatar that you create, dress,  put in a setting,  and record a message for.

  1. First, create your person. Go to and register. Then you can create your person, animorph, or creature.screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-9-39-25-pm
  2. Write your description of your person.
    1. Describe where the person is and tell what there is and there are.
    2. Describe the person’s physical features (hair style, hair color, eye color and your opinion) and the clothing and accessories the avatar is wearing..
    3. Write what the person is doing.
  3. Record your description. Use your own voice. Use a microphone. Other options will not be accepted.
  4. Add a comment to this post and write: Hi everyone. This is my Voki; then add the URL of your creation.
  5. Please post only one time. Your post will not appear immediately. First it must be moderated. (únicamente sube tu trabajo una vez. No lo vas a ver hasta que yo lo modero.)Manda tu link en una respuesta vía comentario en esta entrada. Los comentarios se encuentran en la parte inferior de la entrada.
  6. The deadline for this project is Friday, November 18.
  7. Have fun.


9th Semester: To Kill a Mockingbird

3 Nov

Hello ninth semester students!

With the hope that you were able to get ahead on your reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” for this semester, part of our activities will revolve around classroom literacy circles and discussion about the book, up to Chapter 6.

Here is a PowerPoint that will help you prepare for tomorrow’s discussion.


Here is the pdf version of the book in case you need it: to_kill_a_mockingbird_text

Seventh Semester Reading and Writing Projects

3 Oct


Since several of you have asked for work in English, I am providing you with various reading tasks for you to do to keep practicing in English. Each reading suggested below has a reading section and a response task. These tasks will make up the entire reading component of our course and will contain short stories, articles, and essays as you all asked for at the beginning of the semester.

When you finish a task, please follow the directions for publishing what you have done.

Task 1: Read this passage.  

Then write a formally structured outline on a Word.doc of the steps a job-seeker needs to follow when looking for a job. If you do not know what an outline is, please investigate. Send the doc to my email.

Task 2: Read this passage: According to the passage, everyone has the potential for being a hero. Do you have what it takes? Have you ever been in a situation when you needed to be a hero?

To respond to this reading, you will complete two steps. Step 1: Create a flow chart of how to become a hero. (Office has a program for making a flow chart in the program.) You can use an example from your life, someone else’s life, or make up a fantasy hero. Send the flow chart to my email.

Step 2: Then you will write a short  essay about a situation, real or fantasy, in which the main person needed to act like a hero, using some of the vocabulary words you have learned so far. This will count as one of the written essays that you will write during the semester.

If you have any doubts, please send me an email. These activities will count towards your grade.