First Semester Support

Si además de tu CD necesitas practicar, aquí tienes algunos ejercicios con verbo “to BE” y alguna otra gramática. No solo podrás contestar los ejercicios sino también revisar tus respuestas.

😉 Recuerda que la practica es tu mejor herramienta! Hay muchos lugares en CADI a donde puedes practicar:

Listening: en Multimedia;  Pronunciation Practice

Reading and Listening: Audiolibros en el Salon Multimedia

Grammar and Vocabulary: Salon Lectoescritura

Verb BE:

Articles – THE/A/AN:

Exercises using articles:

Plural/Singular nouns exercises and video:

Action exercises (verbs):

Countries and Nationalities:


Simple Present:

Classroom and Student lists:

Alphabet and Pronouns: alphabet-pronouns1

How do you say: how-do-you-say1

Comparatives and superlatives: listcomparatives1 / listsuperlatives1

Opposites: opposites1

Do/Make: domake1

Practice the alphabet:

Practice the numbers:

Ordinal numbers with phonetics:

Cardinal numbers:

Practice This,These,That, and Those:


Con estos pequeños videos podrán repasar el pasado simple que ya vimos en clase y practicar el pasado con DID que está en la unidad 8, páginas 62 a 65 de su libro de texto.




Ejemplo de descripción de una celebración que recuerde:

A nice holiday I remember is Christmas. First, I went to the church with my family at eight o’clock at night. After that, we went to my cousin’s house to celebrate. We had a really good time because we talked about many things, we danced much time and we played games. Then we had dinner at ten-thirty. We ate delicious mexican food like pozole, tamales, buñuelos, and we drank atole, soda, and wine. At twelve o’clock we gave a hug to each other and we opened the presents. All the presents were beautiful! We danced one or two more hours and finally we returned to our houses. It was a wonderful holiday!

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