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2016-2017 The end of the semester

15 Feb

Congratulations. You have finished the longest semester I remember working!

Your grades are now posted on SIIA.

I wish you all the best for the next semester.

Warm wishes!


7th Semester Extra Practice for Passives

7 Feb

Here is the place where you can post your suggestions for extra practice for passives or the present perfect simple and progressive tenses. Please post your links as a comment so we can share them tomorrow in class.

7th Semester Essay topic

3 Feb

After reading so many articles about food, food production, and food waste, we now know more about food and eating than we did before. So, the perfect outcome of showing your knowledge is to share it in your own words…in an essay.

Half of you decided to do your quiz this weekend and the other half decided to first draft next week. If you have decided to write your essay this weekend, the topic is this:

“Should candy be sold in public schools?”

This is a very open topic and I am sure that you will be able to write your composition about the advantages and the disadvantages of selling candy in public schools, as well as share your opinion. You may follow the discursive text organization shown on page 39 in your workbook.

There is no word minimum or limit. Please write in Times New Roman 12, with interlined 2, following the guidelines for writing. You can find these guidelines in another post on this blog. Have fun.

7th Semester Restaurant Experiences

23 Jan

student serenade

Please share your restaurant experiences with us. Have you ever had any problems:

  • with a waiter?
  • Sent the wine back?
  • Told the waiter the food was good, but in fact, it wasn’t very good?
  • Refused to pay for a meal?
  • Flirted with the server?
  • Asked the server to send your compliments to the chef?
  • Decided not to tip the waiter?
  • Felt annoyed by noisy children sitting near you?
  • Pointed at the menu to indicate what you wanted because you couldn’t pronounce it?
  • Taken a seat in a restaurant, looked at the menu, realized it was too expensive, and left?

Click on the link and share your experience with the rest of the world.

9th Semester To Kill a Mockingbird review

29 Dec

Hello! For your final reading project, you will be working with the book or movie “To Kill a Mockingbird,'” using this theme borrowed and adapted from the 2012 page of Paper Starter ( (originally from Nicole Hemsoth, 2003) which is repeated below with your specific instructions for our class.

Character Analysis of Atticus Finch

From Nicole Hemsoth, “One of the most inspiring characters in 20th-century American literature is Atticus Finch. A morally upright lawyer, a committed and loving father, and an overall good citizen, Finch is regarded highly by most citizens with a sense of justice.”

In this reading project, you will be working with a storyboard.  A storyboard is a tool which you may use online to combine text, visuals, and commentary. You will find many storyboards from Storyboardthat which previous teachers and students have created to discuss plot (you can find them and get some visual ideas by googling “storyboard to kill a mockingbird.” In this project, you will NOT be discussing the plot. You will be doing something completely original.

If you have difficulties creating your storyboard, please upload your work to the shared Google slideshow at this URL:

You will create four cells minimum in your storyboard to include four different quotes from the story. Each cell will contain:

  • a quote from the story or movie (for instance, you might take a portion of the courtroom speech),
  • an original picture from the movie (in which case you will have to include your resource) or caricature that you create, and
  • an explanation why you chose the quote to analyze Atticus Finch and how it reflects his character

This outstanding essay about Atticus Finch’s character may give you some ideas.

Once you create your storyboard, please share the URL from your creation by uploading the embed code in a comment to this post. Include a short comment and your name.

9th Semester Reading Guide for Classroom Discussion

5 Dec

Remember ‘To Kill a Mockingbird?’ I do! And I would like to share with you some themes that you might want to keep in mind as you read. Only by reading the book honestly will you be able to respond appropriately to our classroom activities, which will happen before we break for vacation this month. We will be covering up to and including the end of the trial, which is the climax of the story.

The following themes will be at the center of our literacy activity:

  • Good vs. Evil…is it okay that Justice is not always fair?

  • Having morals…should people be able to have opinions that harm others?

  • Prejudice and Social Inequality…how can biases be harmful?

  • Birds and Mockingbirds


  • Keep fighting, even if you know you are going to lose…what are different ways people can show courage?

We will be working in teams again, and this time you will not be able to choose your theme; it will be assigned to you. So, keep on reading.

9th Semester Fronting…explained!

19 Nov

Since we came across a confusing part of the fronting, I am sharing this Website so you can understand it better. The confusion during class came up when we started realizing that sometimes there was more inversion than during other times.

The difference is between the stative and the dynamic verbs.

I hope this helps.