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First Semester Speaking Project.

16 Dec

Present your favorite room in an online application. Vas a presentar tu habitación favorita en una aplicación en línea. Ya han trabajado este tema en clase.

1. Choose the photo you want to use. Escoge la foto que quieres utilizar. Puedes ser de tu casa o de una foto de una habitación en linea que te gusta.
2. Register with Fotobabble o Voicethread. La primera aplicación, Fotobabble,  te dará únicamente 59 segundos. Voicethread es la otra opción.
3. Upload the photo(s) to Fotobabble or Voicthread. Sube la foto al sitio de Fotobabble o Voicethread y crea tu presentación.
4. Record information about your favorite room. Graba la información de tu habitación favorita. Incluye la información que hemos practicado en clase. Tienes hasta un minuto en Fotobabble o el tiempo que necesitas en Voicethread para hacer tu grabación.
5. Save your creation and copy the link. Guarda tu creación y copia el link y abre todos los permisos. Asegura que el link contiene la palabra ‘share.’
6. Share your link in a comment to this post. Return to this blog. Upload the Fotobabble or Voicethread by adding a comment to the bottom of this post and say: Hello. This is my Voicethread about ________. Fulana.
This is the address: http://etceteraetceteraetcetera.

Manda tu link en una respuesta vía un comentario en esta entrada del blog. Los comentarios se encuentran en la parte inferior de la entrada.  Escribe algo similar a : Hello. This is my Voicethread about ________. Fulana.
This is the address: http://etceteraetceteraetcetera.

Hay muchos tutoriales en inglés y español en Youtube sobre cómo funciona Fotobabble y Voicethread. Si tienes dificultad con estas aplicaciones, puedes hacer un video y subirlo a Youtube. Por favor,  sube tu comentario únicamente una vez al blog. Aparecerá cuando lo apruebo.

(únicamente sube tu trabajo una vez. No lo vas a ver hasta que yo lo modero.)

This way, we can see your photo(s) and listen to your description. Make sure that your URL is the saved version of your work and does not contain the word ‘edit’ so everyone can see it.

Click here for Fotobabble Instructions in Spanish
También hay tutoriales in Spanish from youtube.

Este trabajo deben hacer antes del examen. Es parte de tu preparación para el examen. Tienen suficiente tiempo para realizar tu trabajo.

If you cannot do this you can present your picture in class, but you will not receive full credit. Si lo quieres presentar este proyecto en clase, puede ser que no reciba credit completo.


Seventh Semester Oral Challenge

9 Sep

For this challenge, you will eventually create a Voki person . A Voki is an avatar, and they are looking for partners for special lifelong relationships. You are going to create a Voki avatar  according to a different personality type, and publish a talking personal classified advertisement about your Voki so you can look for your mate. When you finish creating and uploading your Voki,  you are going to choose the Voki that most meets your personal tastes from those other Voki advertisements that are listed in the comments section of this post.

Here is Amazing Madeline who will tell you all about herself as an example. Madeline has used a lot of vocabulary from past semesters that may be good for you to access also.

You might have noticed that Madeline has connected some of her physical features (big mouth) to her personality traits (bossy). You might want to do this also by referring to the collocations presented in the beginning of Unit 1. You might also talk about what the clothes that your avatar is wearing might represent in your Voki presentation.

What you are expected to use in your personal advertisement is the following:

  • collocations
  • tag questions
  • talk about your style and image
  • use an idiom (p.11)


  • Create your Voki avatar first.
  • Brainstorm different collocations you can use to describe his/her/its personality.
  • Write a list of things your Voki likes to do and relate them to the clothes he/she/it is wearing.
  • After you have written down some ideas, write your paragraph and include the vocabulary and grammar points mentioned above.
  • Bring in your paragraph in printed format to get feedback from your teacher.
  • After you get feedback, record your Voki’s personal advertisement.

You can listen to previous Vokis recorded from other classes in personal advertisements.

To share your Voki, paste the standard Voki link from your Voki’s page into a comment box at the bottom of this post. You will also choose your mate from your classmates’ participations.

Remember, that you will not be able to see the comment you upload until I approve it, so please only send it once.