7th Semester Restaurant Experiences

23 Jan

student serenade

Please share your restaurant experiences with us. Have you ever had any problems:

  • with a waiter?
  • Sent the wine back?
  • Told the waiter the food was good, but in fact, it wasn’t very good?
  • Refused to pay for a meal?
  • Flirted with the server?
  • Asked the server to send your compliments to the chef?
  • Decided not to tip the waiter?
  • Felt annoyed by noisy children sitting near you?
  • Pointed at the menu to indicate what you wanted because you couldn’t pronounce it?
  • Taken a seat in a restaurant, looked at the menu, realized it was too expensive, and left?

Click on the link and share your experience with the rest of the world.



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