1-2 Intensive Writing Project

18 Nov

You now know how to describe a house and how to describe a town or city.  Choose one of the options and write about it. Bring your work printed (impresa) next Tuesday, November 22,2016.

Option 1: Write a promotional brochure for a hotel or a city. You have models in your Sparkle book. Microsoft Office (and other programs) have a format to write a brochure. images(Courtesy of http://galinibeach.com/blog/galini-beach-hotel-brochure-12/)

Include the following information:

  • tourist attractions
  • interesting things to do (in the hotel or in the city)
  • how much it costs
  • write in complete sentences and use the things we learned

Option 2: Your job is a real estate agent and you are selling a house with furniture. Describe the house for a prospective client who lives in another city. house-for-sale-poster-template(Courtesy of http://www.printable-templates.com/house-for-sale-poster-template.html)

Include the following:

  • how many rooms and the size of the rooms
  • how much the house costs
  • a picture of the house
  • write in complete sentences and use the things we learned

Please bring in your work on a piece of paper. You can follow the guidelines for writing (Times New Roman 12, interlined 2) on this blog. Do not send it by email.


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