Seventh Semester Reading and Writing Projects

3 Oct


Since several of you have asked for work in English, I am providing you with various reading tasks for you to do to keep practicing in English. Each reading suggested below has a reading section and a response task. These tasks will make up the entire reading component of our course and will contain short stories, articles, and essays as you all asked for at the beginning of the semester.

When you finish a task, please follow the directions for publishing what you have done.

Task 1: Read this passage.  

Then write a formally structured outline on a Word.doc of the steps a job-seeker needs to follow when looking for a job. If you do not know what an outline is, please investigate. Send the doc to my email.

Task 2: Read this passage: According to the passage, everyone has the potential for being a hero. Do you have what it takes? Have you ever been in a situation when you needed to be a hero?

To respond to this reading, you will complete two steps. Step 1: Create a flow chart of how to become a hero. (Office has a program for making a flow chart in the program.) You can use an example from your life, someone else’s life, or make up a fantasy hero. Send the flow chart to my email.

Step 2: Then you will write a short  essay about a situation, real or fantasy, in which the main person needed to act like a hero, using some of the vocabulary words you have learned so far. This will count as one of the written essays that you will write during the semester.

If you have any doubts, please send me an email. These activities will count towards your grade.


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